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About Us

Guyal personalised jewellery is a celebration of love. A celebration of what makes your world go round- the people in it.

With the most extravagant form of expression- personalized jewellery, we aim to make your expression of love, to your loved ones- truly yours.

Guyal, a means to convey your story through bespoke pieces of jewellery. We are here to restore the pure joy of giving thoughtful gifts, and express our heart out to the loved ones with engravings.

The Guyal Promise

  • With a personalised piece, you can creatively combine stones, metal and engravings of any colour and style you desire. 
  • Choose birthstones to represent your loved ones, or pick their favourite gemstone.
  • Decide on a design and metal to match your taste and budget.
  • Preserve memorable occasions, precious names or special messages.

Using the most flamboyant form of expression - personalized, precious jewelry - we aim to make your expressions of love shine!

With love,